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I hope to keep going past and great moments with people “Informaci├│n por la Verdad”, a group that performs alternative journalism and encourages cooperation rather than competition. All from Vallecas, a suburb of Madrid that has welcomed me and taught me many things.

To “IPV” I have done all kinds of posters and design that you can see here a small sample.

After looking at these posters with style “fresh” if you want to look at what is the “New World Order” an Internet. From heart and I tell judicious study. ­čśë


This is a rather peculiar web technologies and uses some handwritten and some quite exquisite ... Por lo que deduzco frecuentas tecnolog├şas anticuadas. Bill Gates would be proud of you. Did you thought about atreverte with otro browser? Stepwise like that big changes start ... :-) Go ahead and Upgrade!