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Welcome to the most subjective section of this web-portfolio, not what is on my resume that is consistent with my professional knowledge and experience if not for the generic standard that is often used to pick an employee in the vast majority of businesses regardless of sector…

When I had to bring my criterion for selecting people for my team I have not had much in mind the curriculum, if no other details. The question that most interested me all that candidates performed to help me in my task was “What was the last book you read?”. The responses were all kinds, but if the book was interesting and had and clearly expressed with enthusiasm and had enough points to get the job. Also made them write a paragraph briefly telling a story in the style of journalistic, and I liked the people using positive words and unknowingly or did not use neurolinguistic programming to convince or entice the potential reader.

No me interesan los conocimientos específicos o estudios de una persona, of course with some specific nuances. First of all I want to know that you have an analytical mind and organized and can do anything that is proposed with appropriate support and encouragement.

To be consistent I must say that the book I'm reading at the time I write this is: “The Hebrew Letters and Exhibits Initiatory: The Temptations in the Paths of the Tree of Life. A Spiritual Tour of the Hebrew Alphabet” Selene Maria Camus and James Villarrubia whom I know in person and gave me the book with the following sentence: “With joy and gladness black it sinks into the well”. The book itself is an approach to Kabbalah, mathematical game that strange philosophical-scientific to glimpse beyond “reality matrix” and even manipulate… as discussed those who know this language in depth.

Dicho esto 😉 Here you can download my resume or read below…



Adam Manuel Gutierrez, "Manuscript"
Art director and multimedia alchemist / 666846006 /


1996-1999. University of Alcala de Henares.
Computer Systems Engineering.

2000. Course certified by Microsoft.
Installation, maintenance and configuration of Windows systems 95, 98.

2001. Course certified by SUNION.
Management of TCP / IP, DNS, DHCP, security, configuration of firewalls and routers.

2002. Course certified by Microsoft.
Administration of Windows NT.

2002. Course certified by Apple.
Configuration, maintenance, and repair of Mac.

2003. Course certified by Microsoft.
Installation, Windows migration and management 2000 Server.

2003. Course certified by Microsoft.
Windows Administration 2003 Server.

2004. Course certified by Microsoft.
Windows Administration 2003 Server y Active Directory, and integration with other systems (UNIX, MAC).

Nov. 2006-Ago.2007. Master certified by ICCS (C / Maldonado 48, Diego de León, Madrid)
Official Master in Graphic Design and Digital Communication with Specialization in Art Direction. By MDC 320 teaching hours. (Homologado for Adobe, Autodesk, Apple, Avid, Quark, Corel and JVC) Overcome with a note of OUTSTANDING. As references of my career in the master consider my teachers (prestigious designers with a broad career): Ismael Gutierrez: ismael.gutierrez @, Luis Herrero: luis.herrero @, Elizabeth Gomez: e.gomez @

July 2007. Professional photography in FDI models
(Instituto Europeo di Design. C / Floralta 8, Madrid)
Manuel Jimenez (m.jimenez @, visual arts director FDI is knowledgeable and critical of my work corporate identity, "The Brains" using it as an example of corporate identity manual for students.

Work experience

May 1999- Sep. 1999 . Door Academy Madrid
Professor of structured programming: Pascal, Assembler, C, etc..

1999. Private lessons to college.
Programming (Pascal, Assembler, C, C under UNIX), calculus and algebra.

October 1999-February 2006. Grupo Anaya. Microcomputer.
Maintenance and administration of servers (Windows) Printer, file, fax, antivirus, installation and maintenance of MAC (OS 9 y OS X), sistemas linux, (Linex), project management and choice in the implementation of new technologies, address teaching and teams of people who join microcomputers.

February 2006- October 2006. GlaxoSmithKline GSK. Microcomputer.
Maintenance of computers and servers, Windows server administration, participation in the project migration SAP AS400, project management, coordination of team teaching and microcomputer.

May 2005 -… GODOFOTO. Contributor.
Making professional photography for advertising, posters, posters, Textbook, etc., by GODOFOTO photo archive company. Advanced photo editing using Photoshop (experience 5 years old).

November 2007- Freelance Graphic Designer ....
Performing Freelance graphic design, layout of websites and corporate identity. Professional knowledge of Adobe tools package, Illustrator, Corel Draw, design web pages with Dreamweaver (CSS styles, DIV, javascript), animation and web design with Flash, video editing with Adobe Premiere and After Effects, layout with QuarkXPress and InDesign, packaging.

August 2007- Video Editing and post production.
Participating in a video production project musicals (professionally managing Premiere, AfterEffects, Sorenson Squeeze).

February 2008 – February 2010. Art Director at Telcom S.À. (
Corporate Identity, web design, advertising, design of stands for fairs. Marketing actions.

September 2010 – September 2011. Multimedia production EFIPSA.
Graphic Design, web design and programming with content management, video production and creating online courses (

February 2011 – March 2013 – Creative and marketing director in SociosInversores ( Corporate Identity, advertising, web design and programming with content management, SEO SEO, SEM, marketing one was sociales. Prize for the best Spanish site of 2012 awarded by the Association of Internet Users in the Senate of Spain.

March 2013 – Creative Director ... and marketing in MadridenMovimiento ( Portal Web Programming Integrated Services for the Community of Madrid. Making social networking features Facebook and Twitter. Viral Marketing Campaigns, SEO, marketing one was sociales.


English. High level written and spoken.
French. Average level written and spoken.


Photo contest winner CajaMadrid Fotoclic, 15 June, 2006.
Double finalist in photo contest ADAPS: Luxury Perfumery and cosmetics.
Poster in the competition for the VIII International Jazz Seminar Zarautz.
Poster in the competition for I.M.O 2008 (Internacional Mathematical Olympiads). Award for Best Spanish web of 2012 awarded by the Association of Internet Users in the Senate of Spain.

Other activities

Composition and computer-assisted production of musical professional-sounding soundtracks used for short films and radio spots.

Driving license B and private car.


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