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This project in which I participated from the beginning was also very rewarding from a creative standpoint, not so much from the point of view of a person who has to eat every day, call me old fashioned… 🙂

It consisted of a store that wanted to position with accessories with “glamour” and a touch daring.

I am satisfied with the work done, from the study of “naming”, logo, corporate identity, web design and programming, and even took out the unique design of the original jewelry collection, and some accessories, I would not give away, but it was just the brand image they were looking.


This is a rather peculiar web technologies and uses some handwritten and some quite exquisite ... Por lo que deduzco frecuentas tecnologĂ­as anticuadas. Bill Gates would be proud of you. Did you thought about atreverte with otro browser? Stepwise like that big changes start ... :-) Go ahead and Upgrade!