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Madrid in Motion


Interesting project that combines all the services and options they need the locals to move and make the most of the city and stimulate the development of the city. It consists of a web portal event calendar, festivals calendar, jobs, ad section, expert forum contributors, Ticket sales for shows, section crowdfunding, corporate finance section style SociosInversores, red social, chat, etc.…

Programming a challenge made by WordPress CMS and a lot left.

For Nacho, the ideologue and patrons realized the redesign and programming of the website, animations, and focused on viral marketing videos. All this along with Elena and Ruben, great professionals that has been a pleasure working, and those who tell in the event of the opportunity to make large web portals like this.


This is a rather peculiar web technologies and uses some handwritten and some quite exquisite ... Por lo que deduzco frecuentas tecnologías anticuadas. Bill Gates would be proud of you. Did you thought about atreverte with otro browser? Stepwise like that big changes start ... :-) Go ahead and Upgrade!