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At this point in my career I consider multidisciplinary graphic alchemist, term that came to mind when thinking of this website and that the well is very nice, but so that we understand comes to say that've touched all fields of multimedia production, some of them through specialized courses and other self-taught.

Clarified to start I like the concept of personal fulfillment through knowledge and study of all matters that one would find interesting, deepen each one believes it necessary. Not to perform “career”, if not order to perform as a person and get a little further into the beauty and truth of things. Not as deep as it seems, simply for my is as healthy. Needless to say that as a great example of multidisciplinary alchemist love Leonardo and lately I obsess their “mental maps”.

Therefore, currently developing my art management profession, designer, web developer, photographer and producer multimedia, combining the roles of columnist, lecturer, crazy musician, surfer without having caught any waves and even part-time scout.

Why not, be a sincere freak where palm trees grow, I will say that I am passionate about brainstorming and corporate identity. And I'm done catching him a taste for creating websites. Throughout 5 years has given me time to become an expert in CMS, mainly WordPress, HTML, HTML5, CSS, PHP, JAVASCRIPT, JQUERY, responsive websites or websites adapted to mobile and other devices. And one gets to the schedule that you throw one ahead, who long ago I went professor of programming and not be will scare one now.

My strong point is the ability to analyze and synthesize the challenge ahead and observe any weak moments arise if I forget to eat when I'm creating something in a trance.

If you like to get a professional job and only do not hesitate to contact me.

While, enjoy the silence… of the blanks.


This is a rather peculiar web technologies and uses some handwritten and some quite exquisite ... Por lo que deduzco frecuentas tecnologías anticuadas. Bill Gates would be proud of you. Did you thought about atreverte with otro browser? Stepwise like that big changes start ... :-) Go ahead and Upgrade!