Let nature be your only goddess | Manuscript

Let nature be your only goddess


Love devoutly teachers who preceded. Bow before Phidias and against Miguel Angel. Admire the divine serenity of one; wild anguish of another. Admiration is a generous wine for the noble spirits.

Guardaos, however, to imitate your elders. Respectful of tradition, discern know what it contains eternally fruitful: the love of nature and sincerity. These are the two strongest passions Genie. All worshiped Nature and never lied. Thus the tradition tends mercy unto the key to which able evadiros routine. It is the tradition itself that recommends you constantly questioning reality and that forbid you blindly submit yourself to any teacher.

Let nature be your only goddess. Be it an absolute faith. Be assured that it is never ugly and LIMITAD your ambition to be faithful.

Everything is beautiful for the artist, since in every being and every thing, his penetrating gaze discovers the character, ie the inner truth that trasparece the form. And this truth is beauty itself. Estudiad religiously and you can not help but find the truth.

Work with fury.

Testament fragment Rodin


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