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The Hum Experience


The Project “Buzz” or The Hum Experience is a project synesthetic, summation and integral convergence of various learning vital positions mainly together with the great artist “Blancaribe” but where they have room for all those interested in what I would call “intelligent design” the “natural life”.

Contemplate freelance production and distance, que para algo estamos en el siglo XXI 😉 y de algo debe servirnos la tecnologĂ­a. We approach this project initially to produce all kinds of design, multimedia, arts and crafts, as the slogan says “designed course”.

We start from the definition of “beauty” as something built to last in time taking into account their degree of harmony and similarity in form and substance with nature.

I'm considering it as a nice life project and we are preparing everything for that “The Hum Experience” can have their platform all proposals that will lead inexorably to freedom together, self-sufficiency and self-management… as “natural”… Que no estĂĄ la cosa para tonterĂ­as. 🙂


This is a rather peculiar web technologies and uses some handwritten and some quite exquisite ... Por lo que deduzco frecuentas tecnologĂ­as anticuadas. Bill Gates would be proud of you. Did you thought about atreverte with otro browser? Stepwise like that big changes start ... :-) Go ahead and Upgrade!